Why headless eCommerce is (not) a pain in the neck

The world of Commerce technology is shifting at an incredible speed. More solutions are hitting the market every day. Market trends like Headless and behemoth suppliers of eCommerce solutions have you believe you need a complex environment with many integrations, microservices and development hours before you can sell your product online.  

Where on the other hand there is the best of suite, aka the platform approach. Reducing complexity by a great deal, but often seen as a strategy that will restrict you to build a solution catered to your specific needs. 

Today we dive into how you can get the best of both worlds!

Guest speaker and leading sr. analyst Joe Cicman at Forrester talks about why headless commerce is a pain in the neck. He talks about his experiences on how vendors and the market is perceiving Headless (some of it is hilarious). And he will dive into how organizations can accelerate and serve the modern Connected Customer in B2B & B2C. 

And Product Owner and Dynamicweb MVP Arnór Geir Halldórsson at Advania, an international IT agency that aims to create value and making life easier for its clients, will dive into several customer cases and how they took a headless strategy and turned Dynamicweb into a best performing headless eCommerce environment that is driving increased value.  

During this webinar you will learn about: 

  • How portals and Headless eCommerce support 67% of B2B sales 
  • How Headless eCommerce can lower cost to serve, and increase customer value 
  • How platform suites can be united with a headless commerce strategy 
  • What to be aware of when implementing your headless strategy 
  • A customer’s decision to implement Dynamicweb as a compleet headless eCommerce solution [by Advania] 
  • How this customers case saw performance boost by choosing headless 
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