Publishing to PDF & Print with PIM

In this webinar recording, you'll discover how the Dynamicweb PIM makes it much easier to use ERP data for printing formats. Our PIM Specialist, Søren Jensen, shows how you publish to PDF & Print with the use of PIM. He'll dive into:

  • Automate PDF publishing of various publications, like Datasheets, Price lists, POS material, etc.
  • Catalog production with the use of InDesign/EasyCatalog, based on Channel/Feeds from PIM.
  • Publishing ERP data to PDF and Print just got easier with Dynamicweb PIM​

The Dynamicweb PIM system centralizes all your product information – a “single source of truth” – to ensure consistency in both graphics and product descriptions across channels. Product information, graphics and updated product descriptions, will be available for download at the moment needed – no matter if it is a salesperson, marketing employee, partner or supplier. With the PIM system the relevant product information is accessible in one place.

In other words, updated information is always used, and the information is presented within your company’s design line. 

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