Improve your Amazon Marketplace skills

Digital sales channels are hot topics these days, and online marketplaces such as Amazon are an important part of the e-commerce ecosystem. 

In this webinar, Maze-One gives you a basic introduction to the possibilities and challenges you might find on Amazon. 

You'll also get hands-on experiences on how to work with Amazon as an ecommerce specialist and inspiration from other successful cases. 


  • Christian Beer gives an introduction to the Ecommerce eco system and why marketplaces are important
  • Amazon w/ Michael Chabert, Maze-One
    • Why Amazon is a relevant sales platform for your business
    • How to sell on Amazon
    • Successful customer case 
  • Orchestra and automate data for Amazon. 
    • How to create an automated setup for delivering the right data to Amazon and other marketplaces, by using Dynamicweb and Channable.
  • Q&A session
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