B2B Ecommerce – pop-up demand generation, the do’s and don’ts

Pop-ups are a proven leadgen activity within B2C – but the potential for B2B business is not to be dismissed!

Pop-ups can be a very effective strategy in your B2B e-commerce demand generation. Sleeknote and Dynamicweb share their knowledge on how to enable B2B businesses to utilize pop-ups to generate new leads and grow their B2B e-commerce. Mogens Møller from Sleeknote presents insights from real-life B2B customer cases and gives you concrete tips to create effective pop-ups. You’ll get AHA-experiences and inspiration on how to get started with pop-ups as leadgen activity in your marketing - or to get more value out of the ones you already have on your website.


From this webinar you will take away:

  • Why pop-ups are a great idea to use in your B2B e-commerce
  • How to get most out of pop-ups
  • What did other B2B business do to succeed with pop-ups
  • 5 examples of B2B lead generation pop-ups, do’s, and don’ts



Eric Jan C. van Putten
VP of Marketing
Mogens Møller
CEO & Co-founder


About Sleeknote:

Say goodbye to annoying popups. When Sleeknote was founded, there were several lead generation tools on the market. But few, if any, gave savvy e-commerce marketers the flexibility to engage their site visitors on their terms.
We like to think we changed that.

Sleeknote has everything you need to grow your email list, promote popular products, turn visitors into buyers, and reduce cart abandonment.
With our advanced targeting options, you’ll always show the right popups, to the right visitors, at the right time.


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