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Dynateam is a dedicated Microsoft Dynamics NAV, CRM and portal partner with a different kind of approach to portals and e-commerce solutions.

Dynateam as a partner, cannot only help you become more visible on the Internet, but also assure the connection between the Internet, Intranets and Extranets with integration to back-end systems in optimized and long lasting solutions!

A web solution often cover one or more of the following requirements :
- A website opens up the possibility that a company can present itself to the outside world;
- An intranet provides a significant improvement of internal Communications, knowledge sharing and document management in the company
- An extranet is a closed network , typically directed at the company's trading partners where communication, knowledge sharing and document management are essential.
- E-commerce offers an online shops that allows customers to order products and handling of previous orders, view past orders , etc. – 24/7 often an on-line shop, is a part of an extranet.

- Integration ties it all together with the other part of the IT solutions such as ERP and CRM, so data can be updated in several places , and from other external sources.

Dynateam has many years of experience in these disciplines, and we work as a dedicated and competent partner who share a common goal - to bring your solution from thought to action, regardless of the solution's complexity.
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