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Follow this page to learn how Dynamicweb can help you become GDPR compliant, when the new rules take effect on May 25. We’ll keep updating the page with our GDPR release plan, upcoming events and useful content.


What is the General Data Protection Regulation?


In legal terms, the GDPR is a European Union law intended to strengthen and unify data protection rules and rights for the benefit of EU citizens. Put in other words, to give control of personal data back to the user. While great news for individuals, it presents complex problems for companies.

The new rules apply to all organizations (of any size) that provide goods and services to the EU or that utilize tracking technologies (like cookies or tracking pixels) to monitor EU users’ behavior. 

While simple in theory, the law is dense and complex and requires a comprehensive understanding of the data you collect, whether it's personal or not, how you store and use it, and how you expose or remove data upon request. To do so, you must look at every single process and line of software code to outline your data processes. 

In most cases, your data collection will require valid consent following May 25 - not just going forward, but also from all your existing users. Under the GDPR, consent can't be implied or inferred from someone's actions. Instead, valid consent must be specific to the data being collected, by an affirmative action that is unambiguous.

Webinar: Achieve GDPR website compliance

To help professionals involved in GDPR compliance, Dynamicweb invites you to watch our webinar recording to learn about essential GDPR definitions and concepts - including "7 essential steps for website compliance".  

Webinar: GDPR, license types and software versions

Watch this 30-minute webinar recording to learn how our your current Dynamicweb software version and license type provides access to our Data Processing Agreement and GDPR tools.

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